Who can buy agricultural land?

Up to Act form 14 April 2016 about stoppage of sale of agricultural land which belongs to Agricultural Agency, land can be sold on the market, in principle, only to farmer. In reslut of transaction, area of land hands  by one farmer count not exceed 300 hectares of agricultural land. But, there are exceptions form this rule. Therfore, agricultural land can be sold on the open market to:

  1. everybody, when land is located in zone, which is covered by local development plan
  2. everybody, when land area is less than 0.3 ha,
  3. everybody, when land with buildings on is less than 0,5 ha date, when Act come in force, and land is not  used as a farm,
  4. everybody, when land had final decision about  building conditions  in which and is connected with no-rural activities.
  5. close person to owner of  property without any restrictions,
  6. local government,
  7. government,
  8. church and religious association.

Purchase of agricultural land  by entities other than farmers is possible, but permission given by President of the Agricultural Agency in needed. Such permission will be given, in case conditions listed below are meet.

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Short-term rental market

Information about growth of rental market can be found on internet portals, both Polish and foreign. Interesting information is given by one of the world’s leading rental service –  servicedapartmentnews.com. Interesting information can be found in Knightfrank report or  onet.pl portal.

From  sources presented above,  the number of serviced apartments in the world has grown by 80% since 2008 to about 750,000 in 2015. Most offers of short-term lease can be found in North America, where the serviced apartment began life in the U.S. in the 1980s and there is currently offered in this model about 414 thousand locals. On the second place, we will find Europa with result of 100 thousands premises, however this region is the fastest growing market in 2015 ( 42 % y/y), followed by Asia (67 thousand). Australia and South America (54 thousand.), Middle East (52 thousands.) and Africa (8 thousand).

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Short-term rental – chance for holiday houses

Short-term  rental is very popular in west and south Europe. In Poland begins to develop.

What is the reason of popularity of short-term lease among owners  of holiday houses. It seems, the main advantage to the  owner of holiday house is possibility of additional income, combined with  low risk of devastation or destruction of property. In addition, currently internet portals are very popular, mainly  booking.com or airbnb.com. Those portals additionally give simply ability to manage rental calendar for the owner.

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New law about agricultural land

From 30.04.2016, there is a new law connected with land sale, which is regulated by Ustawa z dnia 14 kwietnia 2016 r. o wstrzymaniu sprzedaży nieruchomości Zasobu Własności Rolnej Skarbu Państwa

This new law restricts group of people, who can purchase land , only to individual farmer. Individual farmer is a person, who personally manage lands not bigger then 300  hectare, has agricultural experience and lives in land community , in which at least of its property is located longer, then 5 years. Otherwise purchase is possible for close family of individual farmers, local governments, churches and religious communities.

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